There is something very fundamental about to change with the coming of S4/HANA. Not only will the operational core reporting shift back to the business suite, also new objects will be introduced when modelling S4/HANA analytical views:

The introduction of CDS views and BW as evolutionary extension

Juergen Haupt and Ulrich Christ join us to discuss the paradigm shift which S4/HANA causes and we get a peek into the future with live demo's on sLog reporting using CDS views. 

Also explained is the new BI domain architecture which is part of the LSA++, but also the question is answered what will happen to extractors and HANA Live views in the future.

An episode not to be missed!

Ronald and Sven.

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February 5, 2015
ECC is dead, long live ECC!

SAP heeft haar business suite de grootste revisie in 20 jaar gegeven en natuurlijk willen wij van DNBIP er het fijne van weten.

De volgende vragen worden beantwoord:

1. Wat is S4/HANA
2. What's the big deal?
3. Wat is de impact op Analytics?

Bedankt voor het luisteren!

Ronald en Sven.

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