June 17, 2018 DNLBIP 20180617029 - SAP Lumira, Discovery edition SAP Press Book Introduction

SAP PRESS released SAP Lumira, Discovery edition on 29 March 2018. Authors Xavier Hacking and Martijn van Foeken give a brief introduction the contents of this book.


SAP Lumira, Discovery edition – The Comprehensive Guide is now available for purchase via SAP-Press.com and Amazon and can be ordered as hardcopy, DRM-free ebook or bundled editions. Personally I see the bundled edition at SAP Press as the best deal, as it gives you the hardcopy to read, and the PDF ebook as a reference for when you are on the road or when you want to check out the full color screenshots.


Fore more info: http://www.hackingsap.com/blog/sap-lumira-discovery-edition-sap-press-now-available